Ecstatic Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga That Will Rock Your World!

Groove to the sounds as Gwen guides you through different kundalini yoga kriyas. Experience joy and mind relaxation as you explore your inner world. Harness inspiration to invigorate your days and live passionately.

Kundalini Yoga classes by Gwen are uplifting experiences meant to invigorate your spirit and move your body. Each yoga pose is synced with electronica music and mantra to send you on a journey within.

Recent Yoga Client Review

Kundalini yoga is such a tangible experience of energy flowing through the body and beyond.  Gwen is an inspiring example of this flow of energy. She has embodied knowledge and experience of moving energy and holds a safe conscious space for us to do the same. The pace and structure of her class right down to the conscious choice of music, allow for a transformation and deep release to occur. I always feel energized and expansive after her class, yet peaceful and grounded at the same time.

Sedona, AZ