Family Constellations

Family Constellations

Heal Your Conditions While Releasing Trauma in Your Family Lineage

The problems you’re experiencing today may not be created by you. Trauma, unexpressed emotions, and negativity can all be passed down family lines. These issues create blocks for future generations. Family Constellations is a powerful tool to discover the truth behind your current conditions.

Working with a Family Constellation Altar is solution-focused. With Gwen’s guidance and support, you’ll explore current issues in your life and decide on the change you want to achieve. Then together you’ll create an altar and actively work with objects representing family members connected to your problem. It’s that simple and that powerful.

You’ll work with your altar everyday to uncover truths and unseen dynamics. Gwen will meet with you weekly, either in person or online, for 8 to 10 sessions to guide your work with the altar. As a result of the altar work you will experience energy shifts in your life, bringing you closer to the change you seek. Working with your altar will heal the disconnection within yourself and between you and your family by releasing energetic blocks.

Family Constellations Altar can also be packaged with The Passion Test for profound results.

What you’ll receive:

  • Eight to ten sessions of one-on-one personal coaching and guidance
  • Tools to uncover family lineage trauma
  • Instructions on how to setup and work with your Family Constellations Altar
  • Insight into your own physical, emotional, or spiritual issues
  • Healing that echoes down and up your genealogy

Recent Family Constellation Client Review

Gwen Payne is a vital, gifted human being who has the profound ability to hold a phenomenal healing space. She is an adept facilitator in a number of different transformational healing modalities and is passionate about all of them.

I have most recently been working with her remotely, using her specific version of Family Constellation therapy and I see stunning unmissable change impacting my life as a result. I love working with Gwen! She is intuitive, capable, fun and lovely, in addition to being highly experienced. She is a powerful healing force and I recommend working with her wholeheartedly!”

Sedona, AZ


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