Ecstatic Dance

Ecstatic Dance

Freedom, Creativity, Pleasure, Awakening

Self-expression feeds the soul. Dance feeds the body. Experience the pleasure of letting yourself move freely in a safe, creative space. Ecstatic Dance with Gwen is a wildly, enlivening class where you’ll move between guided and freeform expression to get your mind and body into an altered state. Awaken to the greatness, already alive inside you!

Benefits of Ecstatic Dance Include:

• Feelings of joy and freedom you can carry into your daily life
• An easy cardiovascular workout
• Strength and flexibility
• Stress relief
• Getting in touch with your own creativity
• Mind relaxation
• Raising your vibrations

Recent Ecstatic Dance Client Review

Gwen’s Ecstatic Dances are hard to put into words because each experience is different.  Ultimately what happens is that you feel your energy move from quiet to fun and funky to deeply inward, not necessarily in that order!  Somehow you get exactly what you need and it’s always fun because the music inspires and moves you throughout the whole class.  Gwen’s dances are a real infusion of deep, funky, mystical and healing.  Gwen, through her gifted facilitation, has the ability to connect us all while, at the same time, supporting us in having our own personal experience!”

Sedona, AZ


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